frequently asked questions

what is Phi Lamb?

Phi Lamb is a Christian sorority, which means we have date parties, bigs & littles, fams, and dances along with devotionals, prayer, and small groups. Phi Lamb is not part of the Panhellenic Council or the NPHC. At Vanderbilt, Phi Lamb is considered a non-registered student organization and does not receive funding from the university. 

how much are dues?

We ask for $175 from our active sisters and $230 from our new members. Dues are negotiable and based on financial need (many of our sisters pay a reduced set of dues). Money should not be stopping you from joining Phi Lamb.

do I have to be Christian?

nope! we have sisters who are just exploring the Christian faith, new Christians, and sisters who have been Christians for a very long time. we are all on a different places in our journeys. 

do I have to be a certain denomination? is Phi Lamb denominational?

nope. Phi Lamb is non-denominational & our sisters come from non-religious, agnostic, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, non-denominational, Catholic, and other backgrounds. we do not expect anything denominationally from our sisters except a willingness to be open to other sisters' backgrounds and a motivation to understand. 

does Phi Lamb operate on a points system?

yes! we have weekly chapter and prayer group meetings, special events such as initiation, induction, service, and other events that count toward points. if you can't meet the points requirements for whatever reason, we just ask that you fill out a points exception form to send to our regional director. although points might seem like a lot at first, they're really just a way of encouraging girls to stay active and engage with other sisters.

what if I'm not sure about joining?

at introductions, which are times for the officers to get to know you and vice-versa, you are asked at the end if you want to join Phi Lamb. if you say yes or maybe, you are asked to join the new member class. girls who are not sure have gone on to be active, become officers, become inactive and then join later, or become inactive and continued to be part of the Phi Lamb community through sisterhood bonding events that do not count for points. regardless of whether you're part of Phi Lamb.

also, our 2018-2019 president, Sophie, was not sure about joining at first! you can find out more about her journey on our blog.