How to Join

attend an introduction

introductions are a time to get to know the officers & for the officers to get to know you. Angel, Khori, Katie, Andrea, and Lucinda can't wait to meet with you for 10 minutes long (with brownies!) where at the end, they'll ask you if you want to join Phi Lamb - you can say yes, no, or maybe. We're so excited to meet you! 

sign up for your introduction

come to an event

recruitment week is september 2-7, 2019. we'll kick off recruitment with open chapter, then have tuesday & wednesday recruitment events where you can stop by and get to know us. there will also be a brief info session at each event. these events are non-binding and if you come, you don't even have to join! 

recruitment ends with introductions on saturday, september 7th. If you want to join after this, email