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chapter meetings


Monday nights 8-9:30 pm

A time to learn more about each other's experiences & grow as a sisterhood

special events


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sisterhood & faith


all the ways that we spread that #lamblove and learn more about our faith journeys

Initiation; Doreen & BC

Chapter Meetings

What is Chapter in a Christian Sorority?

On Mondays, we meet from 8-9:30 PM at St. Augustine's Chapel. Chapter meetings consist of worship, a devotional given by an active sister, a time of discussion, and closing prayer. Chapters give us the chance to bond as a sisterhood, learn more about each other, and grow in our own personal relationship with Christ.

We know that generally Mondays can be hard; many of our sisters have talked about the calm of our chapter meetings and how they're incredibly energizing for the week ahead.

Our theme for Spring 2020 is "Garden," based on various passages in the Bible. We will be talking about how God nourishes us and grows us and how our community encourages that.

Learn More

Find out more about the talks that sisters have given this semester, the questions that we have discussed, the topics that we're exploring.

Sisterhood & Faith



life is unpredictable. we will be there for you on long nights. we will come visit you at the psych hospital. we will help you learn to be a mama as you're still a student. life is so much better when you walk through it with a family of sisters


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from Secret Sister notes during chapter, to letters, to surprise gifts and so much quality time spent together, we're there for each other. Vanderbilt can be difficult, but we have each other's backs

spirit of unity


our sisters come from all corners of the world. by having flexible dues, devotionals on racial or social justice topics, and encouraging vulnerability and openness  in small groups, Phi Lamb has a spirit of unity like no other

following Christ Jesus


the anthem of Phi Lamb is to glorify God for all that He is. we praise and worship Jesus because He paid for our sins on the cross once and for all. in this community we have a wonderful opportunity to come alongside each other and remind each other of God's holiness and His pursuit of us

one heart


through bigs and littles, we are able to make Phi Lamb smaller and more comfortable for those who are joining. we all desire to be fully known and loved, and these smaller groups give us space to remind each other of God's love and grace in areas of life that we are usually ashamed of sharing

one mouth


every year, seniors say that Phi Lamb helped them get through Vanderbilt and that the calm of chapter re-energized them for the week ahead. together we get to come together weekly to worship and pray to God with one mouth and as one community